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Why Can't Nexon Stop The Bot Problem

Hey bros, welcome to maplestory2-mesos, do you guys find that the bots in MapleStory is more cute and powerful than before - like using full map attack. This is really unexpected, the bots may can even collect the monsters in some areas such as Herb Town.


I have reported the bots problem to Nexon, even submitting a ticket isn't enough as it takes ages for them to actually do anything about it. I just had a quick skim through the ranks today and saw 40+ people in top 1-20 in my server on each individual server that are botters or hackers 230-240+. It's pathetic how they even make it to this level without a ban. These aren't gold farmers that keep coming back. They are players actively botting!!!


Why Can


The naming and shaming rule shouldn't exist. Nobody cares about the well being of hackers and botters nor should they be protected. These people need to be shamed and should feel bad about what they are doing as they are ruining the game for all. People also need to know who these people are to avoid doing business with them as they could be at risk. EMS had a name and shame section on their forums before they merged with GMS. It was fine and honestly there was no clear toxic behavior on their forums in regards to this. At least EMS had some backbone.


As a compromise, if Nexon really doesn't want to get rid of the rule, why not just only enforce it in cases without evidence? That way you avoid witch hunting and bring the names of botters/hackers to attention. Like what was stated, no one should care if a botter/hacker is shamed for doing what they do. They negatively affect other players in various ways like the market, burning fields and map availability. GMs aren't doing a good job at getting rid of them, and I doubt they're even trying. This lack of effort shows easily. This wouldn't be an issue if they did actually their damn job as well as they're supposed to.


I'm not asking for people to go out of their way and only shame instead of reporting to GMs, but if those GMs can't even be bothered to take out hackers and botters, might as well have them exposed if anyone happens to take a screenshot or a video. You can't blame people for wanting to get more maplestory mesos. Hackers and botters already break the ToS, so why continue to apply this "privacy policy" to them?


Aside from that, I'd like to see Nexon give their honest reason as to why they're continually unable to deal with hacking/botting. It won't warrant any sympathy but it'll at least be a start in understanding of what's going on with GMs and the state of the game.


We have been enjoying a happy time in past a few years, and we make some new friends in the MapleStory world, we both want to see a better MapleStory game. If every one of us is going to supervise the botting crime, it would be helpful, of course, we still need the Nexon's action.

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