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Why are you spending money on Maplestory 2

BE LIKE ME AND MAKE 1 billion MS Mesos a day!!! Here are some few tips for new beginners(There are tons of free to play games, but you choose this.....aye...) and returning veterans(Stupid choice to come back man.

Let me introduce myself and my experience. (All facts no make up, Swear to God on my life)


My quote to you: "I am not that smart, so if I can do it, YOU can do it too!"


I joined Maplestory since 2007-08 ish. (CPQ Trade Wins, Kernning City PQ, Bishop Leech at Jester for 10m /hr) Blah Blah Blah....... I, just like any veterans, go on and off, play, quit, play quit, ect. But anyway, I just came back to Maplesory a month ago (from a quiet long inactivity). But I came back with one GOAL, and THIS GOAL is to: I DON'T Pay To Win, I FARM TO WIN! Sure enough, my record was 1.4b in a day 1/2. I was very proud of myself. =) When I see others hit lower than me, yet they've spent more than I did, I feel GOOD, I feel Smart! If you just take away ONE of my Tips I bet you will improve your Finance in Maplestory SO MUCH! Anyway, best regard to you and hope you will take some of my success idea to your advantage!


Here are the Golden Tips:


1. BEG BEG BEG for 'em MS2 Mesos, you'll be surprise that people will give out as much as 50m!!!!!! (Trust me)

Get in a guild and Beg for them to carry your ass on a boss run, and ask them to save you some loots!! It works 100%.


2. What's NX items? Does it give you a boost in range? No? So why buy it. (Homeless don't need to worry about appearance). Come back to NX items when you're making banks. ** NX items for now.


3. FARM Elite Bosses, FARM Elite Bosses, FARM Elite Bosses, Youtube can teach you how to FARM Elite Bosses.



4. FM Quick Buyers* are ****s, try to stay away from them if you can. *They use auto spammer to advertise what they're buying FOR EXAMPLE: B> XXX Scrolls 10% B> XXX Glove B> XXX Items. Something worth like 30m they will Low Ball you to sell them for 20m. ** them!


5. Always use the Owl to Check the price in FM before you sell something!!!!! If XXX Scroll 10% is selling for 30m in the FM, try to go sell it for 28m ish. But Don't get LOW Balled by FM Quick Buyers, they are ****s. You don't want to suck on them. Trust me, desperate people will buy that scroll for 50m, you just gotta find them.


6. Do Boss run often! Boss sometimes drop amazing drops, remember to buy a spider familiar before you boss, it will give you a bigger drop rates of loots. BEG THE ** OUT OF YOUR GUILD to carry you on tough bosses, IF they ends up kicking you, FIND another one, the guild that kicked you they are ******* guild, and they suck balls for a living.


7. Be Patience, and ALWAYS OFTEN go to check on the items in fm BUY LOW SELL HIGH YA"LL. Sometimes you would find some low ass priced **** that you will be surprise the price is so low that you start a house party right away. I had bought a CRA Hat for under 50m, yup that's right niqqa, and it's during the CRA Bug, those hat normally go for 300m+ clean!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it not because I am smart, it's because I go to FM and search for shits all the time!!! And I just happened to saw the hat. If you go to FM so much trust me, you will know the price of how much items worth, and can easily make money and not getting rip off by others.


8. Don't waste your money on shits that you can obtain from bosses, such as Gollux items, Gollux Chairs, Bosses Souls, Soul Enhancers, ect.


9. Please take advantage of hot time and game events, they usually give out free scrolls and shits that normally people sell in the fm for high prices. Such as Dmg Skins, and cubes, and poop. (oops) Why buy them when they are free during the event. Especially the Frozen Gear Set Event....HOLY **, I can now confirm (Frozen Gear > Empress Set)


10. Most important one, Don't EXPECT to make over 1 billion a day without doing anything. YOU either need to BEG for cheap maplestory 2 mesos, or FARM Elite bosses.


11. If you really want to use RL Cash, *** is wrong with you, Slap yourself and play some other games to distract the thinking of "use RL Cash" in Maplestory. It will go away, believe me. Come back later when you just want to farm and boss.


Anyway, I was in your shoes once, I had no idea how to make mesos, thinking about paying real Cash for Mesos. (The temptation is fking strong I tell you that!) But, I did not spent a SINGLE DIME when I got back into Maplestory ONCE again. To compare where I am at.


When I came back (about a month ago): Noob, no Mesos, ****** gears, nothing, homeless, basically a sloppydog.


Now: Semi-pro, mesos are easy for me to make, whenever I run out of mesos, I will just go get more. Above middle class, hitting a decent range for my level. Having fun. Proud of myself. Looking down at NX nerds. 


I hope you atleast picked up one of my tips, if not that's ok. Just remember this, this game is not worth spending money on anymore, you might well use those money to buy skins on LOL, or card packs in Hearthstone, or dog foods for me.


Begging CAN give you more maplestory 2 mesos than farming for hours. Nice people that have over Billions of mesos, giving out 50m will mean nothing to them. And Believe me, there a plenty of those in game. ANd I thank them for it.


PS: This guide might be common sense for you, but still there are a lots of "noobs" out there who needed help, and by making another one means that another person is helping them. "We Already Know", you mean "You already Knew?" OH that's great, then you should be off ready to help out those who "stuggle" in the game!!

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