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What Has Happened With Jett Revamp?

Hi, guys, welcome to Maplestory2-Mesos, today we are going to talk about Jett Revamp, many of you has experienced this new update already, but do you really know what has happened with Jett?


As a Jett who was 175 before this update and enjoyed it, now 200 waiting for the 5th job advancement, here are the thoughts that come to mind about this update.


First and foremost - miss the old jump, the new jump is just slow to the point where I personally don't find it useful anymore.


Secondly - The UI still alerts me that I have to assign 10 skill points, but eveything is maxed. Wish it could clear it by just opening the skill tab, but it's constantly there.


What Has Happened With Jett Revamp?


Buff Durations needs a revisit - way to short especially for Bonic Maximizer and Slip Stream Suit. Even using extra buff durration from IA and Legion, I get 2 minutes of those buffs. Which wouldn't really bother me, but when mobbing and working up combo hits, the animation is very slow, especially for Bonic Maximizer, that I tend to reset my combo hits while trying to rebuff constantly tried with and without a macro, no difference. I ended up using StarFall since the animation/cast time is long, to rebuff myself so I can keep my combo counts going. Jett's native buffs lasted at most 4 minutes (with the excpetion of Bonic Maximize and Slip Stream at 2 minutes that I don't think they are affected by any extra buff duration ) but my maple warrior is 20 minutes when casted with the extra buff duration a huge gap IMO.


Always enjoyed Falling Stars visually and as a utility. Primarily use it in combo with Starline and Cosmic Upheavel when mobbing, I have noticed that when a monster spawns and touches me, it cuts the skill short mid animation sometime canceling it all together or if I do a quick tap of that skill button it cancels itself out. I do feel that it's range could be longer and the skill stronger as a 30 point skill in stead of a 20. I do prefer Falling Stars to Back Up Beatdown because it's easier to use and feels more satisfying when finishing a mob.


Back Up Beatdown - Totally get the concept of the skill and I think it could be good, but there are so many factors you have to think about while using it. It's great that it hits monsters both infront and behind me, but the extra damage at the end, is only on monsters in front, so I have to retap the skill and change direction in order to clear that monster group depending on which what I am facing and where the monsters have move to. Doesn't feel as satisifying as Falling Stars when clearing a mob and feels ineffective when bossing, especially a boss on the run like Magnus.


Singularity Shock - what's with the awful cast animation pre and post revamp? Because it takes so long, the monster targeted, usually an elite, by the time the skill has been casted and starts the attack sequence, the monster has moved and the skill doesn't actually hit anything. Jett's whole attack theme is speed, so why slow it down to a standstill with this skill that may or may not actually hit the targeted monster and takes so long to start attacking? The skill feels out of place and clunky in comparison to the rest of Jett's speed themed skills and in comparison to other classes hyper attack skills.


Star Fall - incoming nerf from what I hear and I undestand why some might think its over powered. Personally, it's not the fastest skill in the world, between cast delay and attacking reallly only found it usefull when recasting buffs and a quickish map/ledge clear before starting my map route again. It also has a small attack range when compared to Kanna's and Wind Archer's full map attacks among others.


Overall I doesn't really feel like an update/revamp, Jett might be a little stronger that in was a year ago, I didn't enhance her equipments getting to 200, but the buffs and skills stayed primarily the same. I excited to check out her 5th job skill....in another 6 hours....


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