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Some Really Good Ways To Farm MapleStory Meso

If you're wondering how you can earn more MapleStory Meso to buy godly equipment or purchase materials to finance for scrolling or cubing equipment, you have started to the best place! This informative guide provides you with a summary about how senior Maplers earn mesos rapidly via grinding to merchant goods. Let's start with the task!

Some Really Good Ways To Farm MapleStory Meso

What is the best MapleStory Job that earns tons of mesos?

There are lots of jobs in MapleStory but which may be the easiest to earn and save most mesos? It's very easy to find them out when the job includes a skill (either active, supportive or passive) that: (1) Recovers their HP and MP rapidly. (2) Possess an effective skill that enables these to defeat multiple monsters in 1 hit. (3) Doesn't use much HP nor MP while grinding away on monsters. These potential tasks are (Resistance) Demon Slayer, (Sengoku) Kanna, (Explorer) Magician-Cleric, (Nova) Kaiser and (Cygnus) Mihile. Begin using these jobs to farm maplestory mesos while grinding at the favorite place.

Which place is the best to farm mesos and drops?

Anywhere is going to be great as long as possible defeat all of the monsters (near to your level) inside the map within 3-4 seconds making use of your AoE (Section of Effect) Skill. For instance, Demon Slayer may use Demon’s Cry that kills 15 monsters inside a large area simply by standing in the heart of the map or jumping a little to achieve out towards all monsters on the different platform before casting Demon’s Cry. Once you defeat opponents once they spawned 3-4 occasions, then you definitely loot them all together in a single sum. This protects time rather of exiting out of your proper attacking position frequently. Haunted Mansion populated with Twisted Jester is a superb spot for Demon Slayer to workout his fourth Job Skill Demon’s Cry them over provided you've great equips to permit 1 hit kill.


Merching is really a word utilized in MapleStory which describes exchanging goods or selling goods acquired from monster drops or party quest rewards. You purchase products at affordable prices, then sell once the prices increase. Kill advanced bosses, obtain the loots then sell.

Next Steps

What are current and future viable alternatives to obtain MapleStory 2 Mesos and Nebulite Boxes?

Please produce all ideas that could spring to mind! Additionally, please supply the mesos bag sizes dropped per mob within the maps listed, if you're able to. A few to get y'all started:

Current Methods Left

Daily Boss Crystals (60 a week or ~300m a week at midgame funding)

Ursus 2x

Silent Crusade mesos bags

Arcane River Farming with Mesos Gear/pots/Kishin

Alien PQ/NLC questline for possible single Neb Boxes

Remake Kannas and mesos gear/IA and keep around 150-170 to maintain mesos rates by deliberately dying (potentially bannable)

Farming Pensalir Equips at maps like Goblins in Korean Folk Town to extract for Philosopher Stones (300k/ea)

Lv200 - Lv230 Kannas only: Dangerous Deep Sea 3, possible farming alternative


Field Hunting

Daily dungeon, akin to Monster Park, for Mesos, Nebulites, and Cubes

Increase mesos rates scaled proportionally to HP (even more than current scaling)

All mobs should drop Neb boxes, especially in Arcane River

Spell Traces sale price increase from 5k -> 50k to help new players

Increase mesos/drop rate Reboot passive buff so normal gameplay rewards proper levels of mesos for normal progression

Increase base spawn rate to match current Kishin’s rates to remove the need for second computer

Bosses / Dungeons / Misc.

Increase items' NPC value, particularly on lower-tier bosses (Zakum/HT/Hilla/RA)

Vastly increase the rates of tier-up / amount of Master Craftsman Cubes and Nebulites

Increase number of crystals you can NPC a week and remove mesos penalty for being in a party

Dungeons / Misc.

Mini-game area for rare rewards like Nebulites

Allow crafting materials, like ores and crystals, to have a high resell value or some kind of trade-in system for cubes/nebs

Cubic/Chaos Blades should sell for ~5-10m each

Decrease the cost of the first __ amounts of cubes for a new account in Reboot

Party Quests give substantial amounts of mesos

Include 2x coupons in the starting Reboot box to further help fledgling players

Allow the sale of Mysterious Mesos Pouches in several shops (Gollux, Commerci, Root Abyss, etc.)

If you have any better ideas about MapleStory 2 Mesos farming and making, welcome to share with us, we would be really thankful, of course, the best way to get mesos would be buying from Maplestory2-Mesos.com

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