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My ideal of 5th job skill for Corsair in MapleStory

So happy to be maplestory2-mesos to share my ideas about 5th job skill for Corsair in MapleStory, you know, I am so excited when I was invited, and 5th job skill is always the funniest and most controversial skill in the game. 


In my opinions, It should be the ability to clone their main weapon to do double damage (through doubling attack count). I see KMS recently added a skill that is like this for all pirates though seemingly half assed.


Once the buff ends the two guns merge back into one and the heat created from the two guns doubles as it becomes a single gun, making it slow to fire (you see ivan, when gun is smoldering hot, take time to fire unless you want gun to become grenade.) -2 attack speed for like 30 seconds after. Buff duration:30 seconds cooldown: 60 seconds.


My ideal of 5th job skill for Corsair in MapleStory


I'd also like Corsair to have an "ammo selection" skill that drastically changes how Rapid Fire and a few other skills looks when using it. It turns Corsair into a Bullet Hell-esque class.


Ammo types: Grapeshot (spread), Incendiary (elemental), and Barrier


Grapeshot basically increases number of enemies hit to 3, but can hit the same enemy more than once (like spread throw mixed with Hayato's op 1st 5th job suggestion) but changes RF's initial damage to 150%


Incendiary opens a sub option to either explosive rounds (fire), corrosive rounds (poison) or Ice Shards (Ice) which causes a burn, poison, or frozen effect. Fire deals 100% DoT and can spread to nearby enemies that come close to the enemy on fire, -10% DoT per extra enemy effected. Poison does 300% DoT. Ice slows enemies at 5% chance with up to 4 cryogenic stages. 4th stage immobilizes (binds) the target for 5 seconds before melting. Chance to freeze decreases by 1% per stage (2% chance to bind, 1% chance to increase bind duration) but the first 3 stages stay until the target is killed.


Barrier creates a bullet shield for every 16th shot of Rapidfire which decreases damage by 30%. Up to 8 bullets can be created at once and a bullet is consumed upon taking damage.


Ok, that's all, what do you guys feeling about the 5th job skill? And do you guys have any better or unusual ideas? You can leave your ideas below on the comment area, I would be happy to have a discussion with you. 

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