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I think maplestory2 Jett could've had a better revamp

I really think Jett wasn't all that special since all they did was re skinned Zen's maplestory2 skills and gave them to Jett. Not only that but Jett is no longer GMS exclusive. So I think Jett should get a real make-over and be that super awesome space outlaw they were meant to be.


Starline One ~ Starline 4 should be removed to focus more on gun skills.


First Job


Blaster Barrage damage increased to 180; Can be held down & used while pressing Vortex Jump and Vortex Cross.


Vortex Jump: Damage reduced to 100 Delay can not be removed by using another skill. Delay changed to 5 seconds.


Seasoned Hunter renamed to Reckless Hunter: 20% avoid chance, When attacking enemys up close, critical chance and critical damage increased by 10% each, when attacking from affar, Damage increased by 20%.


Galactic Might unchanged.


Space Walk unchanged.


Second Job


Bounty Chaser unchanged


Volt Barrage damage boost to Blaster Barrage removed; changed to add 15% damage to Blaster Barrage per 10 character levels up to level 100. 


Gun Mastery: Allows the equipping of a second gun (Gauss Rifle only), and doubles all gun attack counts by two dealing %50 damage of Gauss Rifle attack. Gauss attacks will stitched into normal damage (ex. If a skill does two lines of damage using just the main hand, the attack would be Mainhand first, then Sub hand, followed up by another Mainhand before finishing off with sub hand. Imagine a cowboy that uses two revolvers). Gun Mastery +60% 

Edit: Damage increase from passive skills will not affect Gauss Rifle damage as it would be too powerful, and will be standalone damage only dependent on outside added damage, skill buffed added damage, and stat increases.


Vortex Cross damage reduced to 100%, max enemies hit increased to 10. .5 second delay added when used with Blaster Barrage or Star Force Salvo.


Cosmic Shield Stance chance removed. Reason for this is because I want jett to be a real outlaw. An outlaw who is faster than light and can shovel out multiple blows while moving at an incredible speed.


Stellar Impact: Skill texture changed to Falling Stars (non hold down version). Renamed to Falling Impact. Damage increased to 300% and cast speed increased.


Third Job


Falling Stars no longer causes disconnection. Attacks now kill monsters. (You still never fixed this skill by the way -_-) can be held down to deal additional attacks.


Turret Deployment attack count increased by 1. Duration & cooldown doubled (Duration 60 seconds, 44 second cool down).


Cosmic Upheaval unchanged.


Slipstream Suit %accuracy changed to an additional 10% avoid and 2% additional dex (30% avoid and 10% dex total.)


Spacial Shift increased Vortex Cross by 60% additional damage.


Blaster Overdrive unchanged.


Clairvoyant's added Accuracy and Avoid changed to 20 weapon attack.


Blaster Barrage animation changed to look stronger than it's current look when reaching 3rd job.


4th Job

Starline Four is Kept; name changed to Star Rush. Can be used when holding down Blaster Barrage and Starforce Salvo. Damage reduced to 230% when maxed. Attack count affected by Gun Mastery. 1 second cooldown added.


Star Force Salvo now has 5% chance to ignore 100% of monster defense, When Strikeforce showdown is activated, 100% chance to ignore all monster defense.


Backup Beatdown held-down damage increased by 50% because spamming the skill without holding it down does more damage players should be encourage to use it the way it was intended. Skill now attacks enemies from behind as well.


Planet Buster's sound effect amplified. It can hardly be heard when casting. Gun Mastery works with this skill. Skill renamed to Star Shatter as the class is more focused on stars.


Starfall Effect added during cooldown. 10% chance to cause shooting stars to fall on monsters, dealing an additional 100% damage.


New Skill: Reckless Outlaw. Enhances Reckless Hunt's effects by increasing avoid chance an additional 15%, Critical Chance + Critical damage increased to 20% when attacking up close; damage increased to 30% when attacking from afar.


Invincibility's defenses increased to 40%, +200 weapon defense, +150 magic defense. Damage boost removed.


High Gravity unchanged.


Hyper Skills:


BackUp Beatdown: Extra Strike unchanged.


Backup Beatdown: Spread unchanged.


Backup Beatdown: Reinforced unchanged.


-Planet Buster hypers removed.


Star Rush: Extra Strike added. Star Rush number of attacks increased by 1.


Star Rush: Guard Break added. 20% chance to ignore 100% of enemies defenses on Star Rush.


Star Rush: Reinforce added. Star Rush gets additional 20% damage.


Star Force Salvo: Boss Rush unchanged.


Star Force Salvo: Range unchanged.


Star Force Salvo: Reinforce removed.


Star Force Salvo: Guard Break added. Additional 3% chance to ignore 100% defense.


Bionic Maximizer unchanged.


Singularity Shock renamed to Galactic Quake.


New Guass Rifles will be added as drops from monsters. 


Guass Rifle levels will be at level 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 120 (necro*), 130 (muspell*), 140 (penselair and Princess No*), 150 (fafnir*), 160 (Sweet Water & Absolabs*)


*These won't be added to set effects

Gauss Rifles will have high attack like Kataras, but they can't be scrolled or star enchanted. They will also only have 50%~75% of the attack of the katara of the same weapon level.

Original Gauss Rifles will still exist as main-hand only and are labled as "GUN"s.

New Gauss Rifles will be labeled as "GAUSS RIFLE" and be Jett-Only equipment.

Note: Since normal guns are equipped to look like it's held by the second-hand, Gauss Rifles will be held to look like it's the main-hand.


So what do you guys think? I've thought we should have had a dual-gun wielding class since pirates came out but with actual guns like real cowboys and outlaws, which was the inspiration for Jett, being a space outlaw/ bounty hunter class but rather than a fist, we had a second gun.

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